Syndication Opportunities

One of Signature Property Developers’ development models is to deliver development projects through syndicated SPVs (special purpose vehicles) entities in the form of separate unit trusts used for each project. The Principals of Signature Property Developers retain a share in the unit trusts as unit owners and enable other parties to acquire units as well. Signature Property Developers undertakes the design, construction and development management for the project as a Consultant to the unit trust. At the end of the project, the profits are distributed amongst the unit owners and the unit trust is wound up after all expenses and taxes are paid.

Another development model proposed by Signature Property Developers is to do Joint ventures (JV) with land/property owners by allowing them to retain their equity in a project by assigning the land to the JV and partly getting finished product in the form of apartments/houses etc. and partly monies in lieu of their land.

Signature Property Developers also welcome the opportunity of doing JV with other architectural design, construction and development companies wherein its core in house strengths can be utilized to value add to the project.


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