At Signature, we take great pride in everything we do and ensure that all of our buildings bear the signature of our quality. From design details to the level of finishes in our buildings we believe in delivering the highest quality for our clients without compromise. Our mission is to deliver projects that are aesthetically pleasing yet functional, while upholding our environmental responsibility and safe practises. With every project we strive for the following:


We are sensitive to the requirements of the local community and believe in delivering cost-effective solutions to the market needs. By virtue of all aspects of the development lifecycle being controlled and monitored in-house we are able to achieve greater cost savings than our competitors which allows us to deliver reasonably priced products for the customers without compromising quality.

Our construction wing is well managed and monitored by expert use of the best estimating and cost control software programs. We keep our overheads low and try to achieve the most efficient solutions to deliver the best value for money to our clients.


Just a glance at some of our buildings would demonstrate our commitment to designing and delivering aesthetically pleasing buildings. Our architectural team amalgamates practicality with aesthetically pleasing design features to ensure a pleasing and functional architectural outcome. We are driven to create innovative yet practical designs for all our projects.


At Signature we believe ‘Form follows Function’. The keystone of all our projects is an optimal design to satisfy the exact market and client requirements and minimising wastage.  Functionality is at the heart of our design, our design process ensures the practical aspect of the project is considered thoroughly.


Our commitment to Workplace Health and Safety is paramount. We ensure that the construction of all our projects follow the industry standards for safety by adopting a planned and proactive approach towards workplace health and safety management.


We are very environmentally conscious and is committed to taking practical measures to reduce the carbon footprint of our projects and engage in sustainable design and construction practices. Using the latest 3D modelling techniques, our designs carefully consider the orientation of the buildings to ensure solar access to the living areas, balconies, terraces and common open spaces and also to minimize overshadowing to adjoining properties. In our recent projects, we have used drip irrigation to optimize water use. Subject to cost assessment, in future projects, we hope to undertake the following sustainability initiatives:

  • Use solar power panels for subsidizing the cost of common area power
  • Use recycled water for irrigation

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